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If you select "Yes", there will be a $15 Vendor fee & you will need to donate one item to the raffle.

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If you need to make installment payments, please contact FoSReg@summerlandgrove.com for assistance.
Please list child's full legal name (only first name will appear on name tag) & the child's DATE of birth.

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This is for the 25th anniversary shirt!
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Please type your name in to the box above if you agree to the following; I understand that as a participant in Festival of Souls 2022, I agree to follow all rules of the Festival, including, but not limited to: (1) all existing Federal, State, local laws, and rules of the park grounds; (2) all illegal substances are strictly prohibited; and (3) conduct that is disruptive or harmful to the Festival will not be tolerated. Please be aware that Park rangers, the Festival staff, and security will enforce these rules. I release and hold harmless the Summerland Grove Pagan Church, Inc., Meeman-Shelby State Park, their directors, officers, and agents of any responsibility in connection with my safety and well being as well as the safety and well being of any minors in my charge. This waiver covers the period of October 20th-23rd, 2022, inclusive. Responsibility for travel to and from the Festival remains with me. Furthermore, I take full responsibility for any damage to the grounds and adjoining areas used by me or members of my party. I understand these rules and waiver are for the purposes of protecting the park, ensuring safety to all participants, and ensuring that the Festival of Souls may continue to use this site in the future. Having read, understood, and agreed to the above, I agree to this document with no reservations or expectations of compensation of any kind. Each member of your party must be registered for the Festival to enable Summerland Grove, Inc. to adequately prepare.
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